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Cordoba Tenor Ukuleles

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From the very beginning, Cordoba has had a reputation for building excellent Latin-style guitars. And once they had earned that, they must have figured "why stop there?" As this lineup of Cordoba tenor ukuleles goes to show, they're more than ready to make their mark on other members of the stringed instrument family as well. And what a mark they make: these ukes are built just as well as any of Cordoba's larger instruments, with a range of options to fit a variety of budgets and playing styles. So no matter where and how you play the tenor ukulele, it's more than likely there's a Cordoba instrument here ready to live up to your expectations.

To get underway searching for that perfect uke, it might help to check out some of the best sellers - then again, it might not, since that's almost everything in the whole section! So how about going by your goals instead? For instance, if you're looking for an affordable point of entry into 6-string ukes, the Cordoba GP100 Guilele 6-String Ukulele Pack is a good candidate. Or maybe you're looking for an instrument that packs a really distinctive visual punch? That could mean the Cordoba La Playa Tenor Ukulele, or for those with an amp or recording setup to plug into, the Cordoba 25TK-CE Tenor Cutaway Electric Ukulele.

These are just a few recommendations from the wide variety of Cordoba tenor ukuleles available to choose from - so don't feel limited! You're free to pick out whichever instruments feel like the best fit for you. And with the filters on the sidebar to help you narrow down the options, it's not too hard to figure out which one(s) that might be. Just take your time and think about what makes the ideal ukulele in your eyes, and you'll be well on your way to discovering it here in Cordoba's tenor family.