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When it comes to cello bows, finding one that's well balanced and built to last is essential to your progression as a player. In this day and age, cello bows are plentiful - but a high-quality bow at a reasonable price is easy to find if you know what to look for. By coming to this section, you're definitely on the right path to finding a top-notch cello bow to suit your skill level and budget. In fact, names like P&H, Bellafina, Londoner and Glasser are all well-known names among orchestra members and cello soloists alike. If you're a student cellist, the trick is to look for a bow that's not too heavy, not too light and has an excellent curve. Does this sound like what you need? If so, then the Bellafina Student Brazilwood Cello Bow is a terrific choice. Featuring Mongolian horsehair, pearl eye and slide, leather grip and nickel/silver ferrule, this bow is a strong and comfortable stick that's ideal for the beginning stages of any cello journey. Now, as your cello playing improves, you might want to consider making a bow upgrade. Once you become well-versed with the cello, it's easy to tell the difference between a beginner bow and one that's made with the finest materials by expert craftsmen. Advanced cellists have more than enough options to choose from and the Revelle Silver Phoenix Cello Bow 4/4 Size is no exception. Made specifically with accomplished musicians in mind, this silver-mounted bow is a treat on the eyes as much as it is on the hands. From its natural interwoven cloth material to the jewel-like sterling silver frog, the Silver Phoenix is teacher approved and overall just what you need to elevate your string performance. When you get right down to it, the perfect bow should feel like an extension of your own arm - after all, the only thing on your mind during a piece should be the music at hand. With that in mind, arming yourself with any one of the cello bows from this selection will give you the confidence needed to deliver a breathtaking performance - and very possibly a standing ovation.