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  1. On Sale
    Allora ATS-450 Vienna Series Tenor Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 29,635.40 Was Price ZAR 39,513.80
  2. Exclusive
    Allora AMP-450 Marching F Mellophone
    From Price ZAR 23,720.00
  3. Exclusive
    Allora AAS-250 Student Series Alto Saxophone
    Your Price ZAR 16,801.60
  4. On Sale
    Allora AAS-450 Vienna Series Alto Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 23,705.30 Was Price ZAR 31,607.10
    ZAR 20,743.30
  5. On Sale
    Allora AMB-450 Marching Bb Baritone
    From Price ZAR 26,685.00 Was Price ZAR 35,580.00
  6. Exclusive
    Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Your Price ZAR 12,452.90
    ZAR 9,962.30
  7. Exclusive
    Allora AATU-105R Series 4-Rotary Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba
    Your Price ZAR 59,300.20
  8. On Sale
    Allora ATR-450 Vienna Series Intermediate Bb Trumpet
    Your Price ZAR 11,118.60 Was Price ZAR 14,824.90
  9. Exclusive
    Allora AABC-304 Bass Clarinet
    From Price ZAR 36,548.80
  10. On Sale
    Allora ATR-580 Chicago Series Professional Bb Trumpet
    Your Price ZAR 14,824.90 Was Price ZAR 19,766.60
  11. On Sale
    Allora AAS-550 Paris Series Alto Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 26,670.40 Was Price ZAR 35,560.50
  12. On Sale
    Allora ATR-550 Paris Series Professional Bb Trumpet
    Your Price ZAR 17,789.90 Was Price ZAR 23,720.00
  13. On Sale
    Allora ABS-450 Vienna Series Baritone Saxophone
    Your Price ZAR 58,544.30 Was Price ZAR 78,059.10
  14. Exclusive
    Allora AATU-105P Series 4-Piston Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba
    Your Price ZAR 55,346.80
  15. On Sale
    Allora ASPS-450 Vienna Series Straight Soprano Sax
    From Price ZAR 22,964.10 Was Price ZAR 30,618.80
  16. On Sale
    Allora ATS-580 Chicago Series Tenor Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 37,789.20 Was Price ZAR 50,385.60
  17. On Sale
    Allora ABS-550 Paris Series Baritone Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 65,956.90 Was Price ZAR 87,942.50
  18. Exclusive
    Allora AFL-250 Student Series Flute
    Your Price ZAR 6,918.20
  19. Exclusive
    Allora AEP-550 Paris Series Compensating Euphonium
    Your Price ZAR 71,160.30
  20. On Sale
    Allora ASPS-550 Paris Series Straight Soprano Sax
    From Price ZAR 25,187.80 Was Price ZAR 33,583.80
  21. Exclusive
    Allora AAHN-103 Series Single French Horn
    Your Price ZAR 13,836.60
  22. On Sale
    Allora MXPT-5801-BK Black Nickel Series Pocket Trumpet
    Your Price ZAR 5,633.30 Was Price ZAR 7,511.20
  23. Exclusive
    Allora AAHN-229 Geyer Series Double Horn
    Your Price ZAR 33,603.40
  24. On Sale
    Allora ATB-550 Paris Series Professional Trombone
    Your Price ZAR 27,426.20 Was Price ZAR 36,568.40
  25. On Sale
    Allora AAS-580 Chicago Series Alto Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 26,670.40 Was Price ZAR 35,560.50
    ZAR 26,673.30
  26. On Sale
    Allora ATBB-450 Vienna Series Bass Trombone
    Your Price ZAR 33,356.30 Was Price ZAR 44,475.10
  27. On Sale
    Allora ATS-550 Paris Series Tenor Saxophone
    From Price ZAR 37,789.20 Was Price ZAR 50,385.60
    ZAR 34,382.40
  28. On Sale
    Allora AEP-450 Vienna 4-Valve Euphonium
    From Price ZAR 27,426.20 Was Price ZAR 36,568.40
  29. On Sale
    Allora ASPS-550 Paris Series Curved Soprano Sax
    From Price ZAR 26,670.40 Was Price ZAR 35,560.50
  30. Exclusive
    Allora ATR-1302 Aere Series Plastic Bb Trumpet
    Your Price ZAR 3,162.50
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Allora is a familiar name to musicians who play wind instruments. Specializing in saxophones, clarinets and flutes, Allora produces a variety of woodwinds and brass as well as gig bags, maintenance kits and other accessories to help you keep your instrument in good shape. There are three different product lines in Allora's instrument lineup to provide options for anyone, from a beginner in the school band to a professional musician playing sold-out venues.

If you're a beginner buying your first instrument, take a look at the Allora Student Series. These instruments will give you great sound to get your musical career off to an excellent start. The Student Series instruments are made to professional standards, so you can count on their intonation and build quality. An ideal alternative to renting, the Student Series gives you the benefits of owning your own instrument from day one.

The Vienna Series is Allora's intermediate instrument line. If you're an advanced student or a growing performer, this series is a great choice. Vienna Series instruments deliver solid sound and construction, making them right at home for playing clubs or busking at the park. These instruments are a step up in materials and features from the Student Series, making them a great stepping stone to go from learner to career musician.

For the professional player who needs the best quality, the Paris Series is your go-to Allora instrument collection. These are high-end professional instruments made for demanding use, built to stand up to extended use and deliver consistently great sound year after year. If you make a living from your music, Allora's professional series is worth a serious look.

With three flagship series along with the whole assortment of accessories, Allora caters to musicians of every skill level. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if your career is taking off in a big way—you can find an Allora wind instrument that's perfectly designed for you.

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