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The Zildjian K Constantinople 22" Medium Thin Low Ride is handcrafted to conjure the coveted sounds of early 20th-century Istanbul. Brought to life using traditional methods passed down through generations of master cymbalsmiths, the K Constantinople Ride sings with dark, mysterious overtones and a sustain that seems to last forever. Its medium-thin weight and low profile provide a supple response that's highly articulate and wonderfully crashable. Drummers seeking a versatile ride with character will find inspiration in the K Constantinople's exotic voice.

Hand-Hammered Using Time-Honored Techniques

The K Constantinople Ride is hand-hammered from 80-percent copper, 20-percent tin and with traces of silver, and uses techniques that have remained largely unchanged since Zildjian opened its doors in 1623. Pits and imperfections are left intact, imbuing the cymbal with a complex harmonic structure that modern finishing processes typically remove. The result is a musical instrument with a depth of tone that can't be replicated by machine.

A Sonic Palette for Inspired Drumming

Whether played lightly with mallets or struck forcefully with sticks, the K Constantinople Ride serves up a kaleidoscope of sounds that spark creativity. Its medium-thin weight provides clear stick definition even at high volumes, while a broad spread of frequencies emanates from below for a wash that builds dynamically.

Built to Withstand the Rigors of Performance

While the K Constantinople Ride conjures vintage Turkish tones, its build quality is thoroughly modern. Rigorously tested and proven to handle the physical stresses of touring and recording, this professional-grade cymbal provides years of dependable service. Its traditional finish develops a natural patina over time that only adds warmth and character. When vintage soul and workhorse durability unite, the result is an instrument like no other.

Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride 22"
Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride 22"
Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride 22"

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  • ALLOY: Zildjian Cast Bronze: 80% Copper, 20% Tin, Traces of Silver
  • HAMMERING: Exclusive combinations of K Zildjian hammering and modern techniques like over-hammering
  • LATHING: Fine pattern of narrow symmetrical grooves stiffens the cymbal and enhances its dry sounds
  • CATEGORY: K Custom Series
  • TYPE: Rides
  • WEIGHT: Medium Thin
  • FINISH: Traditional Finish
  • GENRE: Drumset: Country, Drumset: Fusion, Drumset: Jazz, Drumset: Latin, Drumset: Other, Drumset: Pop, Drumset: R&B, Drumset: World
  • SKILL LEVEL: Advanced, Expert, Professional

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Avedis Zildjian Company Warranty Statement

As of October 1, 2009, all Zildjian Cymbals are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for two (2) years from the date of original purchase.
For warranty claims outside the U.S., contact your local Zildjian distributor. Click here for the international distributor locator.
Warranty Process
Cymbals that show factory defects within two years of their original purchase are eligible for examination at our factory. Zildjian experts will evaluate the damage and issue a replacement cymbal, unless it appears the damage is related to improper use or care.

If you believe your cymbal has a factory defect:
1. Contact Zildjian to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#), via telephone: 781-871-2200.
2. Indicate the location of the damage on the cymbal with a piece of tape.
3. Make a photocopy of your original numbered and dated sales receipt.
4. Carefully package your cymbal. Include your RA# and the photocopy of your sales receipt in the box.
5. Ship the package to:
Avedis Zildjian Company
22 Longwater Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

A Cymbal will not be replaced if:
1. It has been misplayed, dropped, played with excessive force or treated abusively.
2. The center hole is worn due to improper stand set-up or abusive play.
3. The cymbal was bought second-hand or used in a lease program.
4. The cymbal has previously been replaced by Zildjian.
5. More than two years have passed since the cymbal was purchased.

Warranty Notes:
• Cost of shipping a damaged cymbal to Zildjian is the customers responsibility.
• Factory evaluations take approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
• Cymbals that do not meet the warranty guidelines will be returned to customer.
• Cost of shipping a replacement or damaged cymbal back to the customer will be covered by Zildjian.