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The Double Rock! Vexter Distortion Guitar Pedal is an affordable silk screened version of ZVEX's Hand Painted Double Rock. There is a notable origin story to the Double Rock. Legendary guitar great J Mascis is a fan of ZVEX Effects, and their Box Of Rock in particular. He asked them to build him a dual pedal using two of their Box Of Rock circuits. He wanted one to cascade into the other. So they built him a custom, oversized "double" Box Of Rock. They liked the result so much, that they added some features, shrunk it down, and turned it into a commercial product. The Vexter Double Rock is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of classic British-style crunch, paired with boost, in a compact ZVEX format. Either channel can be distortion, or boost. This yields four different gain staging schemes, each with useful applications for stage and studio.
ZVEX Double Rock! Vexter Distortion Guitar Pedal
ZVEX Double Rock! Vexter Distortion Guitar Pedal

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  • Dual Channel Distortion/Boost Pedal
  • Both channels switchable between Distortion and Boost
  • EQ on both channels
  • Three-position mini-Toggle switch for Sub Contour on both channels

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