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The Yamaha YBS-480, an intermediate baritone saxophone bringing Yamaha's esteemed professional quality to student musicians ready to take their playing to the next level. Optimized for smooth action and superior tone, the YBS-480 incorporates many of the advanced features found on Yamaha's professional models into an accessible, ergonomic design. Students and educators alike will appreciate its durable, rock-solid construction and rich, full sound.

Redesigned Key Layout Improves Playability

Yamaha saxophone keys are engineered from a player's perspective, focusing on comfort, speed, and overall playability. The YBS-480's redesigned key layout makes the traditionally cumbersome baritone saxophone lighter and easier to hold, enabling long practice sessions and performances.

Professional-Grade Bore and Neck

A vertically integrated bore and neck design gives the YBS-480 the responsive feel of a professional instrument. Notes speak clearly and evenly across all registers, allowing for seamless transitions and greater dynamic control.

Shorter Bell Centers Challenging Low Notes

The YBS-480's shortened bell helps focus the baritone saxophone's notoriously problematic low notes, providing balanced, centered intonation throughout its range. Players can explore the instrument's full tonal spectrum with confidence.

Durable, Road-Ready Design

From its robust lacquered brass body to its high-quality pads and springs, the YBS-480 is built to handle the demands of frequent practice, rehearsal, and performance. Its rugged yet lightweight construction makes it ideal for students on the go, ready to hone their craft wherever inspiration strikes.

Yamaha YBS-480 Intermediate Eb Baritone Saxophone Gold Lacquer Lacquer Keys

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Instrument Type
  • Type: Baritone saxophone
  • Key: Eb
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Finish: Silver Plate or Gold Lacquer
  • Case: Hard