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Intermediate Baritone & Bass Saxophones

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If you're a baritone or bass saxophonist who has made it past the beginner level, you should be very proud of yourself. After all, these instruments are among the largest of the saxophone family members and learning how to play either of them certainly isn't a walk in the park. Since baritone and bass saxophones take a lot of hard work and dedication to master, you deserve to reward yourself with an intermediate baritone or bass saxophone that brings your hard-earned talents to the forefront - and for that, you're definitely in the right section.

To begin your search, we'll suggest the Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Baritone Saxophone AABS-501. Featuring a clear lacquered brass body, floral engraving on the bow and bell, high-quality keys and range to low A, this intermediate horn has all the makings of a professional horn. In fact, its huge, fat sound and solid intonation is exceptional given its generous price tag and it also comes with a stylish ABS case.

Now, for those who have more wiggle room in their savings and really want to spoil themselves, look no further than the Selmer SBS280R La Voix II Baritone Saxophone. The lightweight feel and modern French sound of this horn has already caught the interest of today's upcoming artists. Its acoustic response is fast and fluid through every register and the key design is compact with professional spring tension. Additionally, it has leather pads, a clear lacquer finish over rose brass for a warm timbre, a high F# and much more. Along with a Selmer USA mouthpiece and case, the La Voix II is a must-have for any baritone saxophonist with big ambitions.

And this is only a taste of awaits you, so don't stop browsing after these two incredible sax models. Honesty, any one of the saxophones in this catalog are worthy of a closer look; brass instrument manufacturers like Selmer, P. Mauriat, Jupiter, Amati and Allora are well-known and respected names among saxophonists. Whether you're in a jazz combo, high school concert band or rock out with friends in a local ska-core outfit, you'll have no problem finding an intermediate baritone or bass saxophone that matches your tastes and skill level.