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These Yamaha Standard Series small shank trombone mouthpieces are produced with advanced computer design and manufacturing technology for unmatched precision, smooth attack and easy playability. They have an ideal weight for all-around use and are available in a variety of configurations to suit every player.
Yamaha Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51B

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  • Compare to:
  • 45A: Bach 12E
  • 45C2: Bach 12C
  • 46B: Bach 11C, rim with shallower cup
  • 46C2: Bach 11C
  • 47: Bach 6-3/4C, Schilke 47
  • 48: Bach 6-1/2AL, Denis Wick 6BS
  • 48A: Bach 6-1/2, rim with shallow cup (for alto trombone)
  • 48D: Bach 6-1/2AL, rim with deeper cup
  • 51: Bach 5G
  • 51B: Bach 5G, with shallower cup, Schilke 51B
  • 51C4: Bach 5G, with slightly shallower cup
  • 51D: Bach 5G, with deeper cup
  • 52: Between Bach 5G & 3G

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