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Yamaha P-525 88-Key Digital Piano | Demo and Overview with Gabriel Aldortplay button

Yamaha P-525 88-Key Digital Piano | Demo and Overview with Gabriel Aldort

Yamaha P-525 Digital Piano: Voice introduction videoplay button

Yamaha P-525 Digital Piano: Voice introduction video

Yamaha P-525 Digital Piano Overviewplay button

Yamaha P-525 Digital Piano Overview


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The Yamaha P-525 is the flagship digital piano from the brand’s Portable series, recreating the authentic sound and feel of an acoustic grand with stunning nuance. Marrying digital technology to Yamaha acoustic piano craftsmanship, the P-525 is a wonderfully elegant and expressive instrument. Featuring 88 full-size wooden keys, 44 voices, 18 drum and SFX kits, and expansion for 480 XG voices, the Yamaha P-525 combines the sheer versatility of digital pianos with the unmatched playability and astounding density of an acoustic grand.    

Yamaha P-525 GrandTouch-S Keyboard

GrandTouch-S Keyboard Action

Piano players value the real-time feedback of a superior keyboard. The feel of a grand piano, and its dynamic response to player touch, is a quintessential element of the instrument. The Yamaha P-525 incorporates a GrandTouch-S keyboard, utilizing wooden keys with synthetic ivory and ebony tops. Durable solid wood transfers vibrations from the piano to the player’s hands, connecting the instrumentalist to their instrument. GrandTouch-S keyboard action faithfully replicates the subtle tonal variation associated with a pianist’s individual touch for a digital piano experience unlike any other.

Yamaha P-525 Piano

Updated Grand Piano Samples

Portable series digital pianos receive their primary voices from sampling Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial acoustic grands. The P-525 includes an overhauled sample library of these famed instruments, providing greater expressive control than ever before. In addition to improved touch response, players can attain concert-level power, brilliance and brightness from their Yamaha P-525 digital piano. Furthering this endeavor is a 2-way speaker system capable of reproducing the piano’s full frequency range with tonal accuracy and minimal distortion. The P-525 also includes a Sound Boost setting that increases volume and applies EQ to help the instrument cut through small ensembles, such as an acoustic jazz trio.     

Yamaha P-525 Portable Digital Piano

Cutting-Edge Modeling Technology

The flagship Yamaha P-525 digital piano derives its unparalleled sound and touch accuracy from powerful modeling technologies. Grand Expression Modeling closely simulates the mechanics of an acoustic piano, right down to the hammers, strings, dampers and other internal components. It provides players the physicality and control they need to deliver an expressive performance. Additionally, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) mimics the richness of a concert grand piano, including the sympathetic vibrations between strings, as well as how the instrument’s internal components and body resonate as one. Finally, the Yamaha P-525 takes advantage of Binaural Sampling, generating immersive, three-dimensional sound for players on headphones.    

Yamaha P-525 Smart Pianist App

Smart Pianist App

Users can navigate the P-525’s menus through the onboard LCD screen that grants access to all necessary parameters. For a more customized experience with exclusive features, players are encouraged to download the Smart Pianist app to their mobile device. Through the app, you can select voices, backing rhythms and other P-525 settings straight from your phone or tablet. Smart Pianist also stores your favorite presets for instant recall, intuitively placing the P-525’s most important controls at your fingertips. As a practice companion, the app can prepare chord charts pulled from songs stored on your device, so you can jam along any time.    

As the flagship model representing a series of unprecedented portable keyboards, the Yamaha P-525 contains many qualities that reflect the alluring touch and tone of an acoustic piano. The P-525 lets you transform any environment into a recording studio, a stage or even a concert hall. Meticulous Yamaha and Bösendorfer samples, innovative Virtual Resonance Modeling and weighted, responsive keys emulate the sonic and tactile experience of performing on an acoustic piano.    

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