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Yamaha's 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack equips drummers with essential gear that's built to withstand the demands of live performance. This comprehensive set includes two double-braced cymbal stands, a snare stand, hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal—all engineered by Yamaha to deliver stability, adjustability and comfort. Whether you're outfitting a new drum set or upgrading your current hardware, the 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack empowers you with components that will support your playing for years to come.

Double-Braced Stability Handles Heavy Hitting

The 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack is constructed with reinforced steel tubing, providing a stable foundation for mounting cymbals, snares and bass drums. Its double-braced design prevents twisting and bending, even under the stress of aggressive playing styles. Set up and tear down your kit with confidence, knowing this hardware can withstand the impact.

Slip-Resistant Feet Keep Gear in Place

Each stand and pedal in the 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack is equipped with slip-resistant feet, giving you secure footing on any surface. Their gripped rubber construction prevents sliding on smooth floors, allowing you to play vigorously without worries of your hardware shifting out of position.

Offset Tilters Enable Precise Cymbal Positioning

The cymbal stands feature offset tilters with 360 degrees of rotation, providing maximum flexibility in the placement of your cymbals. Position them at the ideal angle for ergonomic playing, then lock the tilters in place. With such a wide range of motion, you can achieve any cymbal configuration you desire.

Comfortable Pedaling and an Adjustable Snare Basket

The 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack includes a chain-drive hi-hat stand and belt-drive bass drum pedal, each with branded footboards for comfortable and responsive pedaling. Its snare stand offers a telescoping basket ranging from 17 to 24", accommodating snares of all sizes. Experience total control over your drum set with hardware that's tailored to your preferences.

Yamaha 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack

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  • Double-braced hardware
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Belt and single-chain drive pedals
  • Branded footboards

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  • 2 x CS-665A Boom Stand - double-braced, offset tilter, range: 31"-63"
  • 1 x HS-650WA Hi-Hat Stand - double-braced, chain link
  • 1 x SS-650WA Snare Stand
  • 1X FP-6110A Kick Pedal - double-braced, belt driven, felt beater