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The Golden Reverberator is a flagship, no-compromise guitar effect pedal that establishes a new benchmark for classic Reverb effects, with sonic authenticity far beyond all other stompboxes. The Golden Reverbator features 3 Legendary Effects, Stereo/Dual Mono operation, True Bypass with Silent Switching, an optional Buffered Bypass via software, Analog Dry-Through, and a Preset Mode to recall stored settings.

Spring 65
The world’s most accurate spring reverb emulation, 3 years in development, captures every last splash, drip, and splat of three distinct vintage spring tanks.

Plate 140
Based on UA’s acclaimed plate reverb modeling, get the legendary “larger than life” guitar tones of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Van Halen.

Hall 224

This 1978 digital reverb’s Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall algorithms defined the sound of an entire era — endless reverb tails and lush modulation for creating sonic landscapes.

  • 3 Legendary Reverb effects including Spring 65 with 3 unique spring tanks, Plate 140 with 3 distinct studio plates
  • and Hall 224 with Room, Small Hall, Large Hall
  • Available modulation with each effect
  • Optional Spillover and Trails (True/Buffered Bypass)
  • FREE Plate & Chamber 224 bonus effect at registration 
  • Unmatched sonic authenticity
  • Rugged UA build quality
  • True Bypass with Silent Switching 
  • Optional Buffered Bypass
  • Preset mode
  • Optional Preamp coloration on select effects
  • Bonus Plate & Chamber 224 effects available free at pedal registration
One year parts and labor warranty on all U.A. products and Kind of Loud products.

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