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The bass guitar String Sling is a plush microfiber strap that not only protects and prolongs the life of your strings, but also works as a strap. Reinforced loopholes and high-quality fabric provide a stable and secure attachment, so you can rock out as hard as you want. A convenient front pocket snugly holds all standard guitar tuners or FretWraps, and a hidden pick pouch is both study and large enough to hold your picks, yet tight enough so you can grab one quickly. Premium Japanese elastic adds extra stretch that makes this strap one of the strongest on the market, while triple-fastening layers lock the strap attachment firmly into place so your instrument stays where you want it to. Extra-wide Velcro allows for a tight wrap around all standard bass necks, and the same microfiber cloth that makes up String Sling’s belly can be used to wipe down and dust off your bass. It’s the perfect buffing cloth you’ll never lose or need to replace.

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  • Reinforced loopholes and top-of-the-line fabric provide stable and secure attachment to your bass
  • Front pouch snugly holds all standard tuners or FretWraps, whether in the strap or protection configuration
  • Triple-fastening layers lock the strap attachment firmly into place to prevent slipping