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Specialty Clarinet Reeds

When you play your clarinet, it's the reed that your flow of air will connect with. The vibrations from this process are sent through the rest of your instrument, which are then converted into sound waves. This is why (along with the mouthpiece) the reed is so crucial to your clarinet performance, and also why you need to choose one that is carefully crafted. Thankfully, you'll have no problem finding an excellent variety of specialty clarinet reeds to choose from. In fact, reed manufacturers like Nuvo and Rico have been praised by countless pro-level clarinetists for the incredible passion and workmanship they put in their specialty clarinet reeds. Since only the best reed companies are offered here, any one of these sets are worthy of a closer look. If you're unfamiliar with reeds, it's important to know that reeds come in strengths that are determined by numbers ranging from 1 to 5 (1 being the softest and 5 being the hardest). It's usually recommended for beginners and intermediate players to try 2 or 2 ½ reed strengths. For example, the Rico Alto Clarinet Reeds, Box of 3 comes in your choice 2 or 2 ½, and are cut from Rico's most flexible grade of cane. Another terrific reed set for entry-level clarinetists is the Nuvo Clarineo Plastic Reed (6-Pack). These reeds are designed specifically to help clarinetists in the early stages of their musical journey. Not only do they last up to 10 times longer than cane reeds, but they don't need to be wetted before playing. As a bonus, each reed features a positioning rib to help you correctly secure the reed on your instrument's mouthpiece. But don't stop at the two choices mentioned. This section also has 25 reed box sets, and Rico Royal even offers French-filed sets of 10 that come in strengths of 1 ½ , 2 and 3 (ideal for advanced clarinetists). By researching your options and testing out random strengths to see what you feel most comfortable with, the perfect reed to match your skill level and playing style will found in no time.