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Specialty Clarinet Mouthpieces

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The quality and craftsmanship of a clarinet mouthpiece will have a tremendous impact on your instrument's sound as well as your ability to play it. The good news is that these days you'll find an impressive variety of specialty clarinet mouthpieces, including right here in this catalog. From Bundy to J&D Hite, these companies use only the finest components and materials to make their mouthpieces, and their dedication to all skill levels has made them favorites amongst clarinetists worldwide. So, before diving into your choices, what type of clarinet do you play? Obviously that will be the deciding factor in what specialty mouthpiece is the right one for you. If you play the alto clarinet, start your search with the J&D Hite Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece. This model has been meticulously designed to ensure its dimensions and facings are flawless. The result is an extremely flexible mouthpiece that has terrific intonation and is very comfortable to play throughout the entire range of your clarinet. Another excellent choice for alto clarinetists is the Bundy Eb Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece Model 3. Made of molded hard rubber and precision-machined, this mouthpiece has unique pro-level features, including hand-adjusted baffles. George M. Bundy Signature mouthpieces are popular with veteran clarinet players around the globe, and this one is well-balanced and delivers a rich tone that will turn the heads of anyone lucky enough to hear you play. In fact, the same can be said for the Bundy Contra-Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece. Like the alto mouthpiece, this one is precision-machine made with hard rubber. Playing the contra-alto clarinet can be quite the challenge – of course, Bundy knows this, which is why this mouthpiece has been designed carefully to meet the challenges faced with playing such a unique member of the clarinet family. In the same way that a guitar is nothing without its strings, a clarinet cannot be played without a mouthpiece. It's for this reason that clarinetists need to choose their mouthpiece carefully, and going with a specialty model is a foolproof way to be sure that the one you're playing was created with your ambitions in mind.