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Super Crush 100 - An Introduction with Ty Taborplay button

Super Crush 100 - An Introduction with Ty Tabor

Orange Amplifiers

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The Orange Amplifiers Super Crush 100 Guitar Amp Head is an upgraded take on the popular Crush Pro amp. Building on the success of the original, Orange redesigned the Super Crush 100 from the ground up to provide an even bigger, richer tone. With its single-ended, 2-channel JFET preamp and 100W class-A/B power amp, this compact yet mighty amp head mimics the huge, responsive sound of Orange's flagship Rockerverb amps. From sparkling cleans to heavy distortion, the Super Crush 100 delivers touch-sensitive dynamics and lush overtones that will have you questioning whether there are tubes inside.

Authentic Tube Sound Without the Tubes

While the original Crush Pro earned accolades for getting close to tube tone in solid state form, the Super Crush 100 takes it to another level. High-quality analog circuitry and a redesigned preamp provide the immediacy, definition, and character that Orange is known for. The Dirty channel offers four stages of gain to produce everything from a hint of grit to full-on overdrive. And the Clean channel delivers shimmering cleans with headroom to spare. This amp sings with harmonic richness and authority that seems almost impossible from a solid state design.

Speaker Emulation for Maximum Flexibility

The Super Crush 100 features Orange's CabSim technology, an analog speaker emulator that provides the sonic experience of playing through a 2x12 cabinet. Switch into Cab Back mode to choose either an open or closed-back cabinet sound. You can run the emulated signal directly to a PA or recording interface, or use CabSim in tandem with a physical cabinet connected to one or both of the amp's speaker outputs for an even bigger sound. This flexibility makes the Super Crush 100 ideal for both stage and studio use.

Reverb and FX Loop for Added Ambience

To complete your tone, the Super Crush 100 offers built-in reverb with controls for reverb level and tone. It also includes a fully buffered effects loop that allows you to integrate your favorite stompboxes and rack effects. With reverb, CabSim, and an FX loop at your disposal, you have everything you need to craft a compelling sonic signature and transport your audience.

Classic Orange Looks in a Compact Package

Clad in Orange's iconic livery, the Super Crush 100 packs an incredible amount of power and tone into a small, lightweight enclosure that's ideal for gigging and practice spaces alike. It provides a straightforward control set with minimal fuss, so you can focus on your playing. As the latest offering in Orange's long line of innovative amps, the Super Crush 100 delivers the brand's signature sound and style in an amp head built for today's working musicians.

Orange Amplifiers Super Crush 100W Guitar Amp Head Black
Orange Amplifiers Super Crush 100W Guitar Amp Head Black
Orange Amplifiers Super Crush 100W Guitar Amp Head Black

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  • 100-watt solid state, 2-channel guitar amp with reverb
  • Improved single-ended, JFET analog preamp
  • Balanced XLR output with CabSim speaker emulation technology
  • Buffered FX loop

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