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A look at the Standard SHUBB Capo

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Shubb Capos - Still The Best (Spanish Subtitle)


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The Shubb Original C-Series Steel String Guitar Capo allows players to quickly and accurately change keys without retuning. Handcrafted from brass with a stylish black chrome finish, this capo features a patented dual lever, spring-loaded thumbscrew system that provides a firm grip and locks securely in place. Its curved, 2" wide design fits most acoustic steel-string and electric guitars while avoiding tuning issues thanks to soft, replaceable pads that cushion strings like fingertips.

Patented Locking Mechanism for Power and Precision

The C-Series capo's patented locking action delivers an unparalleled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. A single flip of the lever swiftly locks the capo in place or removes it with equal speed and precision. This innovative design, along with a tension adjustment thumbscrew, provides players full control over the capo's grip for optimal functionality across guitars.

Padded Design Prevents Tuning Issues

Specially designed to avoid the tuning problems that often accompany capo use, the C-Series capo's soft, resilient pads cushion strings to replicate the feel of fingertips. Its closing action mimics the hand, keeping strings centered without pulling them off pitch. As a result, no retuning is necessary after placing or removing the capo.

Premium Craftsmanship and Materials

Handcrafted from solid brass with a stylish black chrome finish, the C-Series capo is built to last. All contact points feature thick, replaceable pads for longevity, and Shubb's signature construction provides players a roadworthy capo that will endure gig after gig, studio session after studio session.

Shubb Original C-Series Steel String Guitar Capo Brass