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The Shubb FineTune Series Capo is for steel-string guitars with wider necks. The opening is 2-3/16" wide. Capos in the FineTune series are mechanically different from all Shubb’s other capos. Because the FineTune Series Capo is screw-operated, it can remain on the guitar neck (behind the nut) when not in use — a popular feature with bluegrass players.

Shubb developed the FineTune series of capos for players who prefer a U-shaped, screw-operated cap that can be stored behind the nut while not in use. It represents the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials and offers a few unique features. Its innovative adjusting knob makes it an ergonomic screw-operated capo. The knob maintains a fixed relationship with the frame, for improved ease of use, and for the lowest profile when stored behind the nut. The knob’s six surfaces are also numbered, providing a visual reference to reproduce your ideal pressure more easily and accurately. Specially developed rubber padding adds resilience to the capo’s closing action for finer control. Additionally, rubber bumpers and smoothly rounded edges protect the instrument. An improved jeweler’s style latch prevents accidental opening.
Shubb FineTune Series Capo for Wide Neck Steel-String Guitar Silver

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  • Opening is 2-3/16" wide
  • For steel-string guitars with wider necks
  • Carefully machined to the closest thread tolerance
  • Highly polished stainless steel with attractive abalone inlay