Seymour Duncan

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In the past, if you wanted humbucker tone, P90 tone, and Strat tone, you would have needed three different guitars, but the Seymour Duncan P-Rails humbucker delivers all three in a pickup that is a drop-in replacement for any standard-sized humbucker slot. Using any 3-way (on-off-on) mini-switch, each unique hybrid humbucker can be split to give you a super fat, authentic vintage P90 or be split to the Rail coil for a classic Strat-like tone.
Seymour Duncan SHPR-1s P-Rails - Neck and Bridge Pickup Set Black

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  • Full size humbucker
  • Patent pending design
  • Perfect for a wide variety of styles
  • Three distinct modes
  • Humbucker
  • P-90
  • Single-coil

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  • Magnet: two Alnico V bars
  • Cable: 4-conductor
  • Neck Pickup
    • Magnet: two Alnico V bars
    • Cable: 4-conductor
    • Mode: humbucking:
    • DC Resistance: 12.87k ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 4.6KHz
    • Mode: P-90
    • DC Resistance: 7.25k ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 3.6KHz
    • Mode: single-coil
    • DC Resistance: 5.60k ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 7.0KHz
    Bridge Pickup
    • Mode: humbucking:
    • DC Resistance: 18.80k ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 3.0KHz
    • Mode: P-90
    • DC Resistance: 10.20k ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 3.1KHz
    • Mode: single-coil
    • DC Resistance: 8.56K ohms
    • Resonant Peak: 6.0KHz

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