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Quarter Pound For Tele

Seymour Duncan

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If you want a Tele set that is even hotter than the Hot Tele Set, the Quarter Pound Tele pickup set hits your amp with even more output. Quarter-inch magnets on the bridge pickup sense even more vibration, and the look reminds you that this isnt as kind and polite as most Teles. Perfect for fusion and heavier rock, both pickups are true single coils. Like P-90s in Tele clothing, this sets neck pickup matches the bridges output and tone perfectly.

The Quarter Pound Tele Pickup set is a brute that has enough power to compete with humbuckers and hot P-90s. The stronger magnetic field of the quarter-inch diameter pole pieces increases the output and allows use of a special coil winding. It keeps the high-end definition for great treble bite and a full, powerful midrange. It's especially useful for overdriven tones. The STR-3 rhythm pickup matches the lead model in tone and output, but uses 3/16" pole pieces and comes with a chrome-plated brass cover.
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Tele Pickup Set - Black Black & Chrome