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Seymour Duncan Telecaster Pickups (Single Coil)

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If you're looking for the Seymour Duncan pickups that started it all, then congratulations: you've come to the right place. After all, it was a broken Telecaster pickup that inspired Duncan to start making pickups in the first place. When he repaired it and got a better sound as a result, he was hooked - and soon enough, he'd discovered that building pickups was his calling. It's been decades since then, of course, and the team at Seymour Duncan has grown. But he's still there himself, and all of the Seymour Duncan single-coil Telecaster pickups in this section are made to meet his exacting standards and specs... after all, no guitarist would settle for anything less when they see the SD logo on a pickup.

As with any other guitar pickups, taking your pick from this selection is worth doing carefully. And it's going to depend on the sound and look you're interested in - for example, if you like an authentic vintage sound, or if you're restoring a 1950s Tele and searching for the most accurate reproduction, then the Seymour Duncan Antiquity for 1955 Tele Pickup could be the right choice for you. On the other end of the spectrum, if you'd prefer a modern pickup that's completely revolutionary, check out the Seymour Duncan ZTL-1 Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm Neck Pickup: it's a new design from the ground up, and it breaks all the traditional rules to create some truly outstanding results.

When all is said and done, it's safe to say that any of these single-coil Seymour Duncan Telecaster pickups could be the best choice for your instrument. It's really a matter of taste, and finding the right fit for your individual needs. Customize with a single pickup, or facelift your axe with a ready-made set like the Seymour Duncan Hot Pickup for Tele Set - the decision is up to you, and it's always a good one if you do your reading and make a well-informed pick.