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Saxophone Stands

Every musician knows how important it is to own a case, but let's be realistic - some instruments are so stunning in their appearance, it's not fair to pack them away when they're not being played. Take for example, the saxophone; these days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a model that isn't a work of art to admire, and that is just one of the many upsides to owning a saxophone stand. In this section, you'll find a wide range of saxophone stands that are constructed by expert craftsmen to ensure your instrument is in safe hands between your practices and performances.

As mentioned, there is more than one benefit to owning a saxophone stand. Not only are they great for displaying your favorite sax for others to see, but it's been said that musicians are more likely to pick up their instruments more often when they can see them. Also, if you happen to play more than one saxophone in a single gig, having a second model close by on a stand is way more convenient than taking up time to open a case. In a situation like this, the K&M Double Saxophone Stand Standard is perfect. This space-saving stand can hold both Eb alto and Bb tenor saxophones and it's covered with an exclusive plastic coating to protect your instrument.

Or, if it's a single stand that you want, check out the Hamilton KB960 Stand. It's height-adjustable to fit both alto and tenor horns, and the wide base provides extra stability. All this at a very affordable price makes the KB960 Alto or Tenor Stand excellent for anyone who's proud to showcase their sax.

Now, for those who play the baritone sax, you'll definitely need something a bit bigger - in which case, take a look at the Hercules Stands DS536B Adjustable Baritone Sax Stand with Alto/Tenor Peg. Featuring a folding yoke, lever height adjuster swivel legs and a back rest, this solid and stable stand will give your baritone sax the support it deserves.

And your options just keeping going from there. Truthfully, there's no right or wrong answer as to which stand you should go with. The stand you choose will be a matter personal taste - and when you consider that only the best brands are offered here, you can bet that any choice you make will be a terrific one.