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The Remo Vintage Emperor Clear Drum Head 15" offers a midrange punch and pleasant sustain reminiscent of the iconic drum sounds of yesteryear. Constructed of two plies of 7.5-mil polyester film, this drum head provides enhanced attack, durability and transparency for articulate tones with a hint of "old-school" warmth. When rock and roll took over the airwaves, Remo's original Emperor drum head laid down the beat—now the Vintage Emperor lets modern drummers recreate those legendary sounds.

Vintage-Inspired Construction for Retro Sound

With a design based on Remo's original Emperor model from the 1960s, the Vintage Emperor drum head delivers a sound that shaped the soundtrack of generations. Its two-ply, 7.5-mil polyester film construction provides the ideal thickness for a balance of punch, sustain and controlled overtones reminiscent of iconic drum tones from rock's golden age. Clear film allows the drum's natural acoustic properties to shine through for articulate, resonant tones with subtle warmth.

Enhanced Attack and Durability

The Vintage Emperor's two-ply construction gives drummers an enhanced attack for pronounced and defined strokes. Its polyester film is also more durable than traditional single-ply models, standing up well to regular use. The combination of attack, sustain and durability makes this drum head ideal for drummers wanting a vintage sound for live shows and recording.

15" Size for Versatile Tone and Application

With a diameter of 15", the Vintage Emperor Clear Drum Head offers a versatile size suitable for a wide range of musical applications and drum types. It provides a full, resonant tone on smaller tom drums and snares, with enough sustain and projection for live venues and recording. This all-purpose size also allows drummers to achieve a consistent vintage sound across their entire drum kit.

Remo Vintage Emperor Clear Drum Head 16 in.
Remo Vintage Emperor Clear Drum Head 16 in.
Remo Vintage Emperor Clear Drum Head 16 in.

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