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Recording Large Diaphragm Microphones

No two microphones are created equal. There are lots of different styles and variations, and even mics that look similar can actually be very different. With that said, it's still possible to group them into broad categories like this selection of recording large-diaphragm microphones. As a rule of thumb, these mics are more sensitive than models with smaller diaphragms, since they have a bigger surface "listening" to the soundwaves. The larger capsule also helps to boost output voltage, which means a stronger signal with a better signal-to-noise ratio: good news for anyone recording a quieter instrument or ensemble, especially when miking from a distance.

For all their similarities, there are still a lot of differences between mics in this section. Some, like the AKG D112 MkII Professional Bass Drum Microphone, are designed with a frequency response and character tailored to a specific instrument. There are USB mics such as the BLUE Yeti Pro USB Microphone for podcasting and small home studios, and tube models like the MXL Genesis Studio Tube Condenser Microphone for recording artists who want the classic warmth that only tube-powered pro audio gear can manage. And of course, there are all kinds of vocal mics including some of the world's best manufacturers - check out the Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone for an example.

To sum up recording large-diaphragm microphones in a nutshell: they're highly sensitive, put out a strong signal, and come in so many varieties that it's easy to find the perfect mic for virtually any recording situation. Even their quirks can be turned to your advantage - for instance, large-diaphragm mics usually show a strong proximity effect, which can be used to emphasize the lower frequencies for a deeper, more commanding sound. It all comes down to your own creativity and exploring everything your microphone is capable of... which, with these mics, is quite a lot!