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The LEWITT RAY large-diaphragm condenser microphone introduces groundbreaking features for high-fidelity, intuitive recording, whether you’re an experienced engineer and vocal producer, or a content creator dabbling in pro audio for the first time. Introducing a sensor-based technology called AURA, the LEWITT RAY precisely adapts your level and tone based on physical distance from the microphone, so you can focus on the performance while capturing professional-quality sound for music, podcasting, livestreaming and more.

LEWITT RAY Condenser Microphone AURA Technology

AURA Technology Intelligently Balances Your Sound

AURA helps the LEWITT RAY overcome conventional microphone limitations that require careful technique to capture the best sound. Typically, getting too close to the mic increases proximity effect and boominess, while moving away thins out the sound and introduces more room tone into the recording. AURA mitigates these issues, functioning like “autofocus” for your voice so you can move freely while recording or streaming. The RAY keeps levels in check and tonality consistent, regardless of being pressed against the pop filter or positioned a few feet away from the capsule.

LEWITT RAY Condenser Microphone MUTE by Distance

MUTE by Distance Keeps Your Recordings Clean

Another intelligent feature of the LEWITT RAY is MUTE by Distance, allowing you to set a specific range in which it will automatically cut or reengage the signal. During a podcast, you can safely back away or move off-axis from the microphone to clear your throat, and the RAY will mute the sound—a built-in safety net for live shows and, ultimately, a time saver in post-production editing. For other real-time content creation like streaming, MUTE by Distance lets you momentarily step away for a break without the microphone picking up background noise. This novel inclusion is a game changer for podcasters and creators.

LEWITT RAY Condenser Microphone Mute Button

First-in-Class Integrated Mute Button

The LEWITT RAY is also the first professional XLR mic with a dedicated mute button, providing clear visual feedback when engaged. It works independently or in tandem with MUTE by Distance for convenient control over your audio during streaming, podcasts and video calls. Hands-on functionality puts essential tools at your fingertips, so you don’t have to dig into your DAW or streaming software to mute as needed. With the LEWITT RAY at your disposal, crystal-clear recordings are a surefire thing.

LEWITT RAY Condenser Microphone Premium Sound Quality

Premium, Record-Ready Sound

The LEWITT RAY embodies the brand’s signature sound that engineers, producers, artists and creators love for its ability to produce professional results easily. Mix-ready sonic color gives your music and content a polished vibe that sets it apart, thanks to a combination of the RAY’s wide, natural frequency response, extremely low 8dB(A) self-noise, high SPL handling (131dB) and 100% analog signal path. Premium components and build quality make the LEWITT RAY a trustworthy, reliable condenser. It’s a great introductory microphone, a suitable upgrade from many other models or a unique addition to a densely populated mic locker.

With an influx of creators of all kinds utilizing studio-grade audio equipment in their productions, the LEWITT RAY is a forward-thinking workhorse condenser meant to be flexible—record traditional vocals and instruments, capture spoken word content and stream audio to your audience in real time. Innovative features enable next-level recording and streaming, empowering you to focus on the performance first. The LEWITT RAY’s smart technology and premium sound quality ensure pro-grade results, every time.

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  • AURA technology adapts level and tone based on distance from mic
  • MUTE by Distance mutes/unmutes signal at set distance
  • Dedicated MUTE button with visual feedback, works with MUTE by Distance
  • 1" gold-sputtered condenser capsule, 131dBSPL max SPL, 8dB(A) self-noise

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  • Frequency range: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 22.6 mV/Pa, -32.9 dBV/Pa
  • Self-noise: 8dB (A)
  • Max SPL: 131dB SPL
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Internal impedance: 220 ohm
  • Included: Shockmount, windscreen, transport bag

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