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The ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool Black Short is a revolutionary seating solution designed with musicians and performers in mind. At 26" tall, this model is 3" shorter than the original Tower, offering enhanced comfort for users of varying heights. Its two-ring construction and velour seat provide stability and support for extended practice or performance sessions. The swiveling seat allows for effortless maneuverability, facilitating quick position changes. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist or percussionist, the ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool helps take your craft to new heights.

Ergonomic Design Reduces Fatigue

The ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool is engineered to relieve stress on your back and legs during long rehearsals or shows. Its saddle-style seat evenly distributes your weight, while the angled foot rings give your feet a comfortable place to rest. The result is a natural seated position that enables you to focus on your playing.

Heavy-Duty Construction Built to Last

Constructed from steel, the ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool is built for years of continuous use. The powder-coated base prevents scratching and scuffing, even when transporting the stool between venues. Its velour seat cover is double-stitched for enhanced durability. This stool epitomizes the high quality and craftsmanship that ROC-N-SOC is known for.

Convenient Features for Performers

The ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle Seat Stool includes several features tailored to the needs of musicians and other performers. The swiveling seat allows you to turn smoothly in any direction. A threaded height adjustment ring makes it simple to raise or lower the seat to your ideal level. Rubber feet prevent the stool from slipping or scratching floors. A built-in carry handle provides an easy way to transport the stool on the go.

Premium Comfort and Support

The velour seat cover offers a plush seating surface for enhanced comfort during extended use. Underneath, a high-density foam core provides firm support. Together, these materials contour to your shape, cushioning pressure points to keep you comfortable for hours on end.

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