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Pickguards for Bass

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When it comes to bass customization, a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to your favorite instrument is to change its pickguard. Ask anyone who has done it themselves, and they'll tell you that switching out your bass's factory pickguard for a new one is a very straightforward endeavor that takes very little time and effort to do. The other great news is that companies like D'Andrea and Fender offer a wide range of pickguards for bass guitars, and this catalog is loaded with choices from both.

So where should you begin your search for a new bass pickguard? That will depend on your style preferences, the type of bass you play and your budget. For example, if price is an important factor to you, turn your attention to D'Andrea's cost-effective pickguard models for J-Basses and Precisions. Made right here in the USA, both are carefully-cut, hand-polished and come in your choice of eye-catching finishes.

Of course, you'll definitely want to check out Fender's pickguards too. If the Precision is your groove machine, then take a look at the Fender 13-Hole '63 Precision Bass Pickguard. This 3-ply, brown shell pickguard has a killer classic vibe and perfectly represents Fender's dedication to first-class pickguard craftsmanship. For that matter, the same can be said for the Fender Pure Vintage '58 Precision Bass Pickguard. Pre-drilled for thumb rest and pickup cover mounting, this gold anodized 10-hole-mount pickguard will have your bass one step closer to looking like a vintage instrument straight out of rock'n'roll's glory days.

There is no end in sight to the ways a musician can personalize their musical instrument. With that in mind, not every update or improvement needs to be expensive and complicated. In fact, installing a new pickguard may be all it takes to get excited again about your bass. Go ahead and give it a try.