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CuNiFe Stratocaster Pickup Set | Fenderplay button

CuNiFe Stratocaster Pickup Set | Fender

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CuNiFe & Cobalt Chrome Pickups | Fender


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The first truly innovative voice in single-coil Stratocaster pickups in a generation, CuNiFe Stratocaster pickups offer brilliant tone. Their vintage-style voice offers more of everything, including deep piano-like lows, a present and pleasing midrange, along with sweet and sparkling highs that will invigorate your guitar playing with bold dynamics. CuNiFe, historically only used in Fender's wide-range humbuckers that use the same threaded magnets, these pickups embody hi-fi clarity while never losing attack and definition no matter how hard they’re pushed. The distinctive-looking chrome-ringed cover acts as a shield to help eliminate 60-cycle hum, making these pickups a remarkably true and quiet single-coil option. Sought after by musicians of all genres for decades, the original-era real CuNiFe magnet pickups disappeared when the Telecaster Custom was discontinued in 1979.
Open Box Fender CuNiFe Stratocaster Pickup Set Level 1 Vintage White