The Bandit Series by Outlaw Drums is made out of maple stave shells that are 100% American made. They are custom cut from raw maple at the Outlaw Drums workshop. These drums are handcrafted and assembled at their shop using only high-quality hardware.

Delivering the performance and amazing tones drummers have come to expect from Outlaw Drums including the projection, attack and articulate response … the Bandit Series continues this legacy with pride. Maple, an industry favorite, in staved construction has a wide tuning range which can meet the needs of even the most demanding drummers. It can produce deafening highs and explosive rimshots, while being invitingly warm with note sustain. Being an extremely versatile drum, the maple Bandits can deliver a warm smooth tone that moves out of the way nicely or they can cut through the air like a sudden snap of thunder in a storm.

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