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The Nino Wood Guiro with Scraper offers musicians a traditional Latin American instrument with an artisanal flair. Handcrafted from responsibly sourced wood, this guiro features a hollowed-out body and ridged surface that produce a rhythmic, rattling sound when scraped with the included wooden scraper. Musicians and percussionists will love incorporating its organic, textured tones into salsa, rumba, son, and other Afro-Latin styles.

Sustainably Sourced Materials For Rich, Resonant Tones

The Nino Wood Guiro is constructed from eco-friendly wood materials that have been carefully cured and treated to highlight their tonal qualities. Its hollow body and rough-hewn ridges help produce a dense, rattling sound with plenty of sustain and character. The included wooden scraper glides across the guiro's surface, coaxing out rhythmic, rolling tones with each stroke.

Authentic Design For Traditional Afro-Latin Styles

Modeled after traditional Latin American guiros, the Nino Wood Guiro features an oblong, hollowed-out body and ridged playing surface designed specifically for rhythmic scraping techniques. Its artisanal design and construction make it ideal for genres like salsa, son, rumba, and other styles rooted in Afro-Latin musical traditions. Striking in its simplicity, the guiro's natural wood elements give it a rustic, organic appearance suitable for any percussion rig or recording studio.

Premium Components For Lasting Tone

Nino hand-selects only the highest-quality, most tonally rich materials for the Nino Wood Guiro. Its solid wood body and playing surface have been treated and cured to enhance resonance and ensure stability in a range of environments. The included wooden scraper is also crafted from durable, responsibly sourced wood for an authentic playing experience with consistent tone.

Nino Wood Guiro with Scraper
Nino Wood Guiro with Scraper
Nino Wood Guiro with Scraper

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