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Mini Guitar Pickups

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

The beauty of the electric guitar is that no two are necessarily ever going to sound the same. Different makes, models and parts offer different tones and sounds to you as a musician. Of all the parts of a guitar, the pickups are arguably among the most important in crafting and shaping your tone. Mini pickups are one of many ways you can hone your own unique sound. Put simply, your pickups will turn the vibration made from strumming your guitar strings into a signal that your amplifier will process.

Without pickups, there is no way for your signal to be processed, which means no sound, and no rocking out. Mini pickups are a great option for versatile guitar players. Set at either the bridge or the neck, these pickups can give you that fantastic sound you've been after. Mini-humbucking guitar pickups are narrower in size than standard humbuckers. Because of this, they sense a shorter length of string vibration, and produce a clear, exceptionally bright sound. With clarity, dynamics and sparkle, Pickups such as the Seymour Duncan SM1-N Vintage Mini Humbucker and the DiMarzio DP241 Vintage Minibucker Mini Humbucker Bridge Pickup produce a fantastically lively sound that helps to make them ideal for jazz, blues, rockabilly, classic rock and heavy metal. Mini pickups are loved by some of the biggest names in classic and modern rock. Artists such as the Who's Pete Townshend, Johnny Winter, Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy and Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon have all made use of mini humbuckers to craft their classic riffs.

Whether you're a rocker, a blues musician, a novice, a professional, or anything in between, mini pickups are a great option to revitalize the sound of any guitar. From the jam space, to the recording studio, to the stage, mini pickups will keep your songs sounding their best.