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Medium Heavy Hi-Hat Cymbals

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Hi-hats are known for two things first and foremost: clapping together softly, and being cut off without the opportunity to ring for any length of time. So where does that leave medium-heavy hi-hat cymbals like these, in a weight class that's all about hard hits and long sustain? Well, the answer is just what you might expect - it depends on how you play your hi-hat. Not all drumming styles are created equal, after all, and if you like to push the envelope by getting a little rough with the hi-hat or letting it ring out like a crash cymbal, then it's safe to say you can take advantage of the power and sustain a heavier one has to offer.

So, where should you start browsing this lineup of hefty hi-hats? That's up to you to decide, but here are some suggestions to help you out. If you're a fan of Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, his signature Istanbul Mehmet El Negro Hi-Hat is a no-brainer. Or if you want something that's designed especially for use in the studio, check out the Zildjian A Series Special Recording Hi-Hat Pair. Maybe you're on the other side of the Zildjian/Sabian family feud? In that case, there's the Sabian SBR HI-HAT Pair for beginners and casual musicians, or the Sabian HH Remastered X-Celerator Hats (also available in a brilliant version) for veteran drummers.

There are lots of things in music that come down to personal preference, and cymbals are probably some of the best examples. Nobody can choose your cymbals for you, because the right ones are a delicate balancing act between your musical genre, personal playing style and even the situation: most drummers will have separate sets for the stage and studio. So don't feel like you have to go lighter on your hi-hat - if you want some weight on there, any of these medium-heavy hi-hat cymbals could be just what the doctor ordered.