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The Martin Sea Wool guitar strap ushers in a new era of sustainability for guitar straps. Handcrafted from revolutionary Seawool material, it's composed of recycled consumer plastic and reclaimed oyster shells. The Martin Sea Wool strap delivers exceptional comfort thanks to its soft, breathable feel that keeps moisture away from your body. Its lightweight build makes it a great choice for prolonged playing sessions or performances. The durable Seawool material also makes this strap highly adjustable to your ideal length.

Sustainable Seawool Material Composed of Recycled Plastic and Oyster Shells

At the heart of the Martin Sea Wool strap is the groundbreaking Seawool material. This innovative fabric is made from a blend of recycled post-consumer plastics and finely ground oyster shells. The result is a renewable, environmentally-friendly material that feels similar to wool but is completely animal-free. Martin's use of Seawool reflects the company's commitment to more sustainable manufacturing practices. The strap's Seawool composition gives it a soft, breathable feel that keeps you cool and comfortable while playing.

Ultra-Comfortable, Moisture-Wicking and Breathable

You'll be amazed at the exceptional comfort of the Martin Sea Wool strap. Its innovative Seawool material has natural moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat away from your body. The soft, breathable feel keeps air circulating so you stay cooler during extended practice or gigs. The strap's lightweight build is easy on your shoulders and back too. Its impressive durability also means it retains its shape over years of use. Treat your guitar - and yourself - to the ultimate comfort of the Martin Sea Wool strap.

Martin Sea Wool Guitar Strap Charcoal Tweed 2 in.

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  • Crafted from sustainable Seawool, recycled plastic and oyster shells
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, lightweight and durable
  • Charcoal Tweed, Burgundy Tweed, Ocean Twill varieties
  • Adjustable length for comfortable fit

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