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Cornet mouthpieces by Marcinkiewicz come in two styles, the Pro-Line and the Standard series.

Pro-Line Mouthpieces

Pro-Line Concert Hall mouthpieces have a unique exterior design that offers optimal nodal enhancement by placing integral vibration dampers in specific, calculated areas. The net result is a mouthpiece that gives an extremely stable center of pitch, allows unprecedented dynamic levels without distortion and provides a rich, dark symphonic sound without the additional mass of a conventional heavy wall mouthpiece.

Standard Cornet Mouthpieces

The rims and cups in the Standard and the "300" Series cornet line are identical to those in the trumpet line with the same number*. A No.4/7C trumpet mouthpiece has the identical rim and cup as a No. 4/7C cornet mouthpiece. Please note, the cornet mouthpieces have a larger throat (#26), which allows more air through the instrument for a darker, richer cornet sound. The No.0 to No.15 are also offered with an "S" (symphonic) backbore.
Marcinkiewicz Pro Line & Standard Series Cornet Mouthpieces 7

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