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The Pro-Line Concert Hall Series Two-Piece French Horn Mouthpieces, from Marcinkiewicz, are of a unique design, and are played by some of the most discerning horn players. Rims are screwed on and are interchangeable. These mouthpieces are numbered in a logical progression from wide to narrow and deep to shallow. They are available as separate rims and bodies, and complete two-piece rim sets. These are some of the finest mouthpieces made in the world today and standalone as such.

The patented Pro Line Concert Hall mouthpieces have a unique exterior design that offers optimal nodal enhancements by placing integral vibration dampers in specific, calculated locations. The net result is a mouthpiece that gives an extremely stable center of pitch, allows unprecedented dynamic levels without distortion, and provides a rich dark symphonic sound without adding the mass of a traditional heavy mouthpiece.
Marcinkiewicz Pro-Line Concert Hall Series Two-Piece French Horn Mouthpiece R7S CH Complete 2 pc. Mouthpiece

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  • French Horn mouthpiece
  • Two-piece screw rim design
  • Silver-plated
  • Unique exterior design with optimal nodal enhancements
  • Superior intonation
  • Facilitates unprecedented dynamic levels without distortion
  • Less mass and weight than traditional mouthpieces
  • Rims and bodies can be purchased separately or together
  • Available in 2 screw rim sizes (B or C) and 7 body sizes

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  • B Rim:
  • O.D. 0.927 in. or 23.55 mm
  • I.D. 0.688 in. or 17.48 mm
  • C Rim:
  • O.D. 0.940 in. or 23.88 mm
  • I.D. 0.685 in. or 17.40 mm
  • Body sizes:
  • 1,2,5, 7, 9, 11, 13

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