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MXL Microphone Accessories

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Most companies have a slogan; for MXL, it's "where great recordings begin." There's a double meaning to those words: not only are microphones the beginning of a recording by definition, but MXL's mics are priced and designed to be accessible for newcomers to the recording scene. So they're more than just where the recordings themselves begin... they're also where your career begins. And since an important part of starting out is gearing up, it makes perfect sense to look for MXL microphone accessories to find some of the equipment you'll need to go along with the mic itself. The mainstays of this section are shockmounts, which doesn't come as a surprise. They're the natural companions for microphones after all, and an essential component in any recording setup. Think of the shockmount as a suspension system for your mic, and to understand why it's important to use one, think about the last time you were near a passing train. Remember the vibration coming through the ground? Although a train is an extreme example, everything that moves creates vibrations like that, and a professional-quality microphone is sensitive enough to pick them up through its stand. A shockmount's job is to soak them up so the mic doesn't have to, and the result is clearer sound. Choosing the right shockmount for your microphone is as easy as matching up its size. For instance, the MXL41-603 Pencil Microphone Shockmount is designed to fit the narrow MXL 600 and 603 mics. At the opposite end of the size scale, there's the MXL90 Microphone Shockmount, which can accommodate the much larger MXL 770/990 mics, as well as most other microphones measuring 2-3/8" or wider. There are other sizes in between, so no matter what kind of microphone you have, you can find a mount here that will fit like a glove. It's only natural that a microphone builder like MXL would offer a line of shockmounts and extras to go along with them. They want musicians to get the most out of their mics, and adding the right MXL microphone accessories will go a long way to helping you do that. Whether you're building your first recording studio from scratch or searching for a replacement shockmount for your established setup, you're on the right track with MXL.