Originally created to recognize Ludwig's 100th Anniversary in 2009, Ludwig Centennial Series Drums, like this Centennial Zep 4-piece shell pack, have been expanded to include three new shell packs in popular, tour-ready configurations. Fusing the warmth and projection of quality North American maple shells with a choice of six custom sparkle or natural lacquer finishes, the Centennial Series delivers reliability and the legendary Ludwig sound in one exceptional package.

The 100% North American maple shells are crowned with Vibraband Suspension Rims to ensure supreme resonance, while wearing triple-flanged chrome hoops and redesigned classic lugs. The bass drum features an undrilled design to maintain the natural timbre of the drum. In addition, the die-cast bass drum claws and telescoping spurs ensure a dependable tune and base, respectively.

The Zep configuration features the fabled 26x14" kick drum, 14x10" rack tom and 16x16" and 18x16" floor toms. Simply put—this shell pack is heavy machinery for a rock drummer who wants to bring the thunder. With additional component drums available to fit the needs of any playing style, Centennial Series Drums are Ludwig's answer to the working drummer's battle cry.

Snare, cymbals and stands sold separately.
  • Huge John Bonham-inspired drums ideal for rock drummers
  • 100% North American maple shells
  • Vibraband Suspension Rims allow for maximum resonance
  • Virgin bass drum maintains timbre
  • Special-edition "Centennial" badge commemorating Ludwig's 100th anniversary
  • Bass Drum(s): 26x14"
  • Tom(s): 14x10"
  • Floor Tom(s): 16x16", 18x16"
  • Snare: Not Applicable
  • Total Pieces: 4
  • Hardware: Not Applicable
  • Cymbals: Not Applicable
  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Construction: 6-Ply
  • Thickness (mm): Info Not Available
  • Bearing Edge: 45°
  • Reinforcement Ring: Not Applicable
Drum Hardware
  • Material: Steel
  • Mounts: Suspended
  • Hoops: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Patented
  • Heads: Branded
  • Finish Type: Lacquer
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
Maple and birch drum sets (drums only) - 3 year warranty.
Marching and tympani drums - 3 year warranty.
Sticks and hardware - one year warranty.
Cases - one year warranty.
Accent Drum line - one year warranty.

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