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JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Quick Lookplay button

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Quick Look

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Technical Overviewplay button

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Technical Overview

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Worldwide Launch Event Recordingplay button

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Worldwide Launch Event Recording

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Groundstacking Tutorialplay button

JBL Professional SRX900 Series: Groundstacking Tutorial


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The JBL SRX910LA Dual 10" Powered Line Array Loudspeaker delivers a new level of power and performance for medium to large venues. This innovative powered line array speaker provides 880 watts of crisp, full-range sound through dual custom-engineered 10" woofers and a 3" compression driver. With integrated power, digital signal processing and flexible rigging options, the SRX910LA is a plug-and-play solution that can scale to fit any space.

Unmatched Accuracy and Definition

The SRX910LA features proprietary JBL transducers and horn designs to deliver accurate, high-definition sound with minimal distortion. The 10" woofers utilize a Differential Drive design for improved heat dissipation and wider dynamic range. The 3" compression driver includes a neodymium magnet and titanium diaphragm for crisp highs up to 15 kHz. Together, these components provide the transparent, impactful sound that JBL is known for.

Consistent, Controlled Coverage

JBL's patented Radiation Boundary Integrator couples the high- and low-frequency transducers to a single waveguide for consistent horizontal dispersion and minimal cabinet size. The precision waveguide provides seamless front-to-back coverage and control. The large horn reduces unwanted rear energy for clarity throughout the venue.

Scalable, Affordable Performance

The SRX910LA is designed to work with all JBL professional PA systems for a scalable, affordable solution. Start with a small setup and expand over time. Common voicing and phase characteristics ensure a cohesive sound as the system grows.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

A built-in DSP package provides 24-band parametric EQ, up to 2,000 ms of delay and gain control for system optimization and tuning. JBL's Array Size Compensation and Throw Distance Compensation filters ensure uniform coverage and sound distribution for any array size or venue. An internal noise generator enables system testing without a mixing console.

Comprehensive Protection and Control

JBL's LevelMax limiters, co-developed with Crown, use excursion control to protect the transducers from damage. RMS limiting and thermal protection regulate temperatures for reliability in any environment. Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity enable software control and monitoring. JBL's unified software suite provides system design, control and networking capabilities across multiple platforms. The rear-panel LCD provides on-speaker access for easy troubleshooting and configuration.

Road-Ready and Install-Ready

The SRX910LA's composite enclosures are optimized for both portable and installed applications. A three-point rigging system allows suspended arrays of up to 16 cabinets, with splay angles set on the ground for safety. Available accessories include array frames, base plates, pole mounts, truss clamps and protective covers. The SRX910LA operates on any voltage from 100 to 250 V, and an energy-saving mode reduces power draw with no audio. Up to four speakers can connect to one circuit.

JBL SRX910LA Dual 10" Powered Line Array Loudspeaker
JBL SRX910LA Dual 10" Powered Line Array Loudspeaker
JBL SRX910LA Dual 10" Powered Line Array Loudspeaker

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  • High-performance, high-density system solution in a truck-pack friendly format
  • High-power-handling transducers deliver extremely low distortion, high fidelity and class-leading output
  • Precision waveguides provide exact pattern control
  • User-controllable DSP includes 24-band parametric EQ, delay, JBL Array Size Compensation and FIR-based Throw Distance Compensation filters
  • LevelMax limiting uses sophisticated excursion-control algorithms to protect transducers from mechanical damage
  • Integrated into JBL Performance, Line Array Calculator 3 and Array Link applications
  • Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) mounts transducers on a single horn, improving horizontal directivity while minimizing cabinet size
  • Differential Drive dual-voice coil, dual-gap woofer design delivers better heat dissipation, lower power compression and wider dynamic range than single-coil designs
  • Built-in, passively cooled Class-D amplification
  • Rear-panel LCD provides complete access to control features
  • Dual Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • Supports HARMAN HControl ethernet protocol for improved network performance and simplified network management
  • Innovative three-point rigging system makes suspending systems easy and safe, regardless of system size or user experience level
  • Reinforced composite loudspeaker enclosures are acoustically optimized and designed for a clean, modern look
  • Enclosed side panels with integrated handles simplify storage and transport
  • Available accessories include array frames, pole-mount and truss-clamp adapters, cases, carts and covers (sold separately)
  • No power supply included; a True1 cable will need to be sold separately

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Frequency response: 53Hz–19kHz (–10dB)
  • Horizontal dispersion: 105°
  • Audio I/O: (2) Neutrik XLR
  • Low frequency: (2) JBL 261G-1 10" diameter, dual 2" voice coil, neodymium Differential Drive
  • High frequency: (1) JBL 2432H-3 1.5" exit neodymium compression driver with 3" voice coil
Dimensions and Weight
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 12" x 28.2" x 20.5"
  • Weight: 59 lb.

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