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Intermediate Oboes

Did you know that the history of the oboe goes all the way back to the middle ages? It's descended from an ancient instrument called a "shawm," which looks like something out of a history book (and for good reason). Today's woodwinds have reached a much higher level of precision and quality than the medieval craftsmen could ever have dreamed of, and there's no better lineup of instruments to show it than the intermediate oboes in this section. They're a step up from beginner-level oboes, which makes them perfect if you're a student ready to move to a more advanced instrument - or if you're an experienced player of another woodwind looking to learn the oboe from a higher point of entry.

Are you looking to get a whole lot of oboe for your hard-earned dollar? In that case, you'll appreciate some of the budget-friendly options here that deliver the quality and performance you'd expect at the intermediate level while also going easy on your wallet. The Selmer Model 123FB and Model 122F Intermediate Oboes are two great examples, along with the Patricola Advanced Oboe and the Fox Renard Model 333 Protege Oboe. Just ask yourself which one you like best, and it won't take long to pick out the best option for you.

If you're searching for an intermediate oboe that borders on the advanced and professional levels, there are some instruments here that are sure to satisfy. Take the Buffet Crampon Model 4052 Intermediate Oboe, for instance: its Grenadilla wood body and full conservatory system deliver top-tier performance with only a handful fewer frills than a higher-end model. Another great choice is the Fox Renard Model 335 Artist Oboe, which includes a third octave key and Bb vent so you can build your experience and technique with some of an oboe's more technical appointments.

Whatever you're looking for in an intermediate oboe, it's a safe bet that you can find it here. Whether your priority is affordable performance or high-end features designed to prepare you for professional-level instruments, there's an option ready to deliver. All you have to do is find it, so don't hesitate to start looking through the oboes in this section. It won't take long for you to spot the model you want to see yourself playing next.