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Harmonica Players React to the Hohner PentaHarpplay button

Harmonica Players React to the Hohner PentaHarp

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Hohner PentaHarp: The Perfect Harmonica for Guitarists


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The Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica, a revolutionary new instrument built for musicians of all levels. The PentaHarp's innovative design provides intuitive access to the versatile pentatonic scale, eliminating the need for complex techniques required to play this useful scale on a standard harmonica. The PentaHarp opens up a world of possibilities for creating melodies and solos in a variety of genres.

Intuitive Note Layout Makes the Pentatonic Scale Accessible

The PentaHarp's straightforward tuning gives players direct access to the pentatonic scale, a staple of rock, blues, and other popular music styles for decades. Guitarists know this scale as "playing in the box"—with the PentaHarp, you can easily play in the box without learning advanced techniques that can take years to master. The PentaHarp also includes the "blue note," an extra pitch that adds expressiveness and is essential for playing the blues scale.

Versatile Sound Opens Up Creative Possibilities

While beginners will appreciate the PentaHarp's intuitive design, advanced players will discover its potential for creativity. The PentaHarp allows draw bends on every hole and more overblows than any other harmonica, providing a wider range of tones. You can create power chords, octaves without changing mouth position, and standard 1-4-5 vamp patterns just by blowing holes 1 through 3. The PentaHarp utilizes Hohner's popular Special 20 reed plates, known for a full, rich sound suited for any musical genre.

Premium Components and Portability

Produced in Germany since 1857, Hohner is the world's leading harmonica manufacturer, and the PentaHarp lives up to their reputation for quality. It features 0.9 mm brass reed plates, stainless steel cover plates, and an ABS plastic comb for durability and moisture resistance. At just "5 long, the PentaHarp is ideal for playing on the go. A carrying case is included for safe transport and storage.

The Total Package for Any Harmonica Player

Whether you're a beginner seeking an easy introduction to the harmonica or an accomplished player looking to expand your creative potential, the Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica has everything you need. Order the Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica today for an instrument that will inspire you to discover new musical possibilities.

Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica A minor
Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica A minor
Hohner PentaHarp Harmonica A minor