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The Get'm Get'm Badass Mirrored guitar strap lets you express your unique style. With a fully adjustable 65" length and durable, reflective vinyl facing in teal, chocolate or pewter, this strap is ideal for any guitarist. The multi-layer nylon webbing construction distributes weight comfortably across your shoulder so you can focus on your performance. The high-quality metal hardware, free of harmful chemicals, securely attaches your guitar while the real leather tips prevent fraying. Whether you play electric or bass guitar, the Badass Mirrored guitar strap provides an unparalleled combination of comfort, durability and eye-catching style. Express yourself on stage with a strap as bold and brilliant as your playing.

Get'm Get'm Badass Mirrored Guitar Strap Platinum 2 in.
Get'm Get'm Badass Mirrored Guitar Strap Platinum 2 in.

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Highly reflective vinyl strap Welded nickel-free metal hardware Multi-layer nylon webbing and leather tips Handcrafted in the USA