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Gaffers Tape

It's really no wonder why gaffers and stage tape are so commonly found on concert stage floors and recording studios. After all, anywhere a band is present, vast quantities of wires, snakes and cables will most likely be present as well, and using gaffers and stage tape is a simple and effective way to prevent trips and tangles. Not to mention, when a sound issue needs to be resolved, it's much easier to trouble-shoot if specific cables are bundled together with tape. There's simply no denying the importance of gaffers and stage tape when it comes to putting on an uninterrupted musical performance, and this catalog is filled with options from pro audio and lighting experts.

So which tape is right for you? There isn't really a wrong answer if you stick to this selection. Honestly, it depends on how much you need: for example, the GT Pro 2" Tape 55 Yard Roll Black is a low sheen, coated cloth tape that's ideal for both studio recording purposes and live outdoor concert settings. It's hand-tearable and also weather-resistant - so even in the event of a downpour, you can expect this tape to keep all of your cables secure to the stage floor. Another excellent choice is the American DJ Gaffers Tape. 4" wide and 60 yards long, this non-residue black tape is very easy to remove and will safely tape down cables around the stage and on the walls.

In addition to tape itself, there's also a unique device in this selection that's designed to simplify your job and save you time when you're laying tape over cables. It's called the GaffGun Bundle, and even if your cables aren't straight, this one-of-a-kind funneling system will center your cables perfectly before it puts tape over them. Additionally, the GaffGun comes with a long extension handle, 3 CableGuides in various sizes and a FloorGuide.

And don't forget, there are other gaffers and stage tape choices in this section as well, so be sure to give each of them a closer look. Whether you're a sound engineer who's preparing to record a band in the studio or a live sound person who's getting ready for the outdoor concert festival of the year, your gaffers and stage tape needs are covered, right here.