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Euphonium Cases & Gig Bags

Known for its one-of-a-kind tonal color and wide range, the euphonium plays an essential role in marching bands and concert orchestras across the U.S. This also means that euphonium players tend to do a lot of travelling with their instrument, whether it's to the parade square, football field or to the band room. For this reason, every euphonium player needs a durable, well-padded case or gig bag for their instrument, and you'll find more than enough choices on this page. In fact, the euphonium cases and gig bags here come to you from trusted brands like Protec, SKB, MTS Products and many others.

Before making any quick decisions on a euphonium case or gig bag, it definitely helps to ask yourself a few questions first. For example, how much are you willing to spend? Do you prefer a soft-shell or hard-shell case? Another factor to consider is if you'd rather pull your case on wheels, carry it by a handle or wear it on your back? The good news is you'll find a wide variety of case and gig bag styles here for every budget.

To start your search, check out an affordable top seller like the Protec Deluxe Euphonium Bag Bell Up. Featuring shoulder straps, huge pockets, built-in organizer and a water-resistant nylon exterior, this gig bag will provide more than enough protection for your euphonium. Or, if you prefer a hard-shell case with a carrying handle, MTS has case models for both bell front and upright bell euphoniums. Both the MTS Products Euphonium Case for Upright Bell and the MTS Products 1200V Bell Front Euphonium Case have soft interiors and tough exteriors to keep your euphonium in tip-top shape when it's out of your hands.

Obviously the case or gig bag for you is a matter of personal taste, but hopefully the options mentioned above have inspired you to give this section a closer look. Your euphonium talents deserve to be showcased on an instrument that looks, sounds and plays as great as the day you bought it. Of course, an easy way to maintain the tone and playability of your euphonium is to store it in a case or gig bag between your performances. So with that being said, we'll leave the next move to you.