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Ernie Ball is proud to offer Strap Blocks, durable rubber rings that provide a snug, slip-resistant grip between strap and instrument. You can now perform and practice with total peace of mind that straps won't come loose or fall away at a crucial moment. The Strap Blocks highly flexible, rubber construction is designed to fit any guitar strap button and requires no modification to install—just slip them on and go.

Flexible, Non-Marking Rubber Offers a Snug Yet Gentle Grip

The Strap Blocks pliable rubber material provides a tight hold that won't budge, yet is non-marking and won't damage strap buttons or finish. Musicians can jump, dance and execute all manner of high-energy moves without fear of hardware coming loose or straps slipping off.

Convenient Slip-On Design Means No More Modification

Forget about complicated installation processes that require unscrewing parts or making permanent changes to instruments. The Strap Blocks simply slide over existing strap buttons for an instant, secure connection. Their ingenious slip-on design saves valuable time that can now be spent perfecting the next killer riff or catchy melody.

Express Yourself With Vibrant Color Options

The Strap Blocks are available in eye-catching black and red color combinations to suit any personal style or instrument esthetic. Guitarists can now match their gear to their image and make a bold statement with every performance.

Gain Peace of Mind for Performing and Practice

With Strap Blocks installed, guitarists no longer need to worry about the distraction and embarrassment of straps coming loose during a gig or losing focus wondering if their instrument might slip off at any moment. The Strap Blocks instill confidence for performing at one's best and the freedom to move without inhibition or concern for equipment malfunctions. Pick up a pack of Strap Blocks and experience what it's like to perform with true peace of mind.

Ernie Ball Strap Blocks 4-Pack, Black and Red
Ernie Ball Strap Blocks 4-Pack, Black and Red

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm