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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Bass Nickel Wound

Ernie Ball

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These revolutionary strings are engineered with groundbreaking round-wound technology and proprietary American alloys for unrivaled clarity, punch and longevity. The round-wound design maximizes vibrancy and sustain, while the custom-formulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire is built to endure. Made in the USA, Ernie Ball Slinky strings are the choice of iconic rock bassists around the world for their full, balanced tone and ability to hold up to aggressive playing styles.

Revolutionary Round-Wound Design

Ernie Ball pioneered the round-wound bass string and the 2838 Slinky strings showcase why this design has stood the test of time. The round-wound construction produces clear, punchy low end, present midrange and crisp highs that cut through the mix. Long scale gages from .032 to .130 provide a balanced tension that's ideal for most bass playing techniques and styles. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire is also corrosion resistant, keeping your tone consistent through hours of playing.

Proprietary Alloys for Tone and Durability

Ernie Ball strings are made in the USA using alloys formulated in-house for the optimal blend of tone, feel and longevity. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire on the 2838 Slinky strings provides a balanced and articulate tone with less finger noise. Underneath, a hexagonal core wire made of tin-plated high carbon steel acts as an ideal foundation for the wrap wire to grip onto. Together, these alloys produce a versatile tone that records and performs with excellence while standing up to aggressive playing.

Iconic Endorsers and a Legendary Legacy

For over 50 years, Ernie Ball Slinky strings have been the choice of world-class rock bassists. Artists like Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones and Duff McKagan rely on Slinky strings for their signature sound, with many exclusively using the 2838 set. Made by a pioneering company with a passion for tone, these strings embody the spirit of rock and roll. Now you can experience the strings that shaped the sound of generations.

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