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6+ String Sets for Electric Bass

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    Ernie Ball 2838 Slinky Nickel Round Wound 6-String Electric Bass Strings
    Your Price $32.99
  2. Free Shipping
    LaBella 767-6F Flat Wound 6-String Bass VI Strings
    Your Price $49.95
  3. Free Shipping
    D'Addario NYXL32130 Gauge 6-String Long Scale Electric Bass Strings
    Your Price $39.99
  4. Free Shipping
    DR Strings BKB6-30 Black Beauty 6-String Bass Strings
    Your Price $45.99
  5. Free Shipping
    D'Addario EXL170-6 Nickel Round Wound 6 String Long Bass Strings
    Your Price $27.99
  6. Free Shipping
    Rotosound RS666LD 6-String Roundwound Bass Strings
    Your Price $38.99
  7. Free Shipping
    DR Strings HI Beams 6 String Bass Medium .130 Low B (30-130)
    Your Price $34.99
  8. Free Shipping
    DR Strings NEON Hi-Def Green Bass SuperStrings Medium 6-String
    Your Price $46.99
  9. Free Shipping
    D'Addario EXL170-8 Nickel Wound Electric Bass 8 String Soft / Long
    Your Price $36.99
  10. Ernie Ball 2837 Slinky Silhouette Short-Scale 6-String Bass Strings
    Your Price $11.99
  11. Free Shipping
    DR Strings Fat-Beams Stainless Steel Medium 6-String Bass Strings (30-125)
    Your Price $32.99
  12. Free Shipping
    Thomastik JF346 Flatwound Scale 6-String Jazz Bass Strings
    Your Price $147.95
  13. Free Shipping
    D'Addario ProSteels EPS170-6 Regular Light 6-String Bass Strings
    Your Price $26.49
  14. Free Shipping
    D'Addario XT Bass Nickel Plated Steel, Regular Light, 6-String, 32-130
    Your Price $39.99
  15. Free Shipping
    D'Addario EXL165-6 XL 6-String Bass Soft/Regular String Set
    Your Price $25.99
  16. Free Shipping
    DR Strings Pure Blues Medium 6-String Bass Strings (30-125)
    Your Price $35.99
  17. Free Shipping
    DR Strings Lo Rider MH6-30 Medium Stainless Steel 6-String Bass Guitar Strings .125 Low B
    Your Price $37.99
  18. Free Shipping
    D'Addario EXL170-12 XL Light Long Scale 12-String Nickel Electric Bass Strings
    Your Price $34.99
  19. Free Shipping
    Markbass Ultimate Series Soft Touch Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel Strings
    Your Price $54.90
  20. Free Shipping
    Peavey Peavey Cirrus Nickel-Wound Electric Bass Strings 6XL
    Your Price $43.79
  21. Free Shipping
    Richard Cocco RC6AN 6-String Nickel Electric Bass Guitar Strings
    Your Price $46.99
  22. Free Shipping
    Richard Cocco RC6CN 6-String Nickel Electric Bass Guitar Strings
    Your Price $46.99
  23. Free Shipping
    Markbass Markbass Groove Series Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel Strings
    Your Price $43.90
  24. Free Shipping
    Spector 6-String Set - Nickel Round Wound - 30-130
    Your Price $39.99
  25. Free Shipping
    Richard Cocco RC6C 6-String Electric Bass Guitar Strings
    Your Price $46.99
  26. Free Shipping
    Markbass Advanced Series Soft Touch Electric Bass Stainless Steel Strings
    Your Price $54.90
  27. Free Shipping
    Markbass Energy Series Electric Bass Stainless Steel Strings
    Your Price $43.90
  28. Free Shipping
    DR Strings Hi-Beam 6 String Bass Medium .125 Low B
    Your Price $34.99
  29. Free Shipping
    DR Strings Hi-Def NEON White Coated Medium 6-String Bass Strings
    Your Price $40.99
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Some musicians aren't happy until they've pushed the envelope as far as it'll go, and if you're here to look at 6+ string sets for electric bass, then it's safe to say you're one of those overachievers. After all, why add just a fifth string when you can add even more to really open up the range of the bass? Since those expanded basses need an equally wide-ranging set of strings to get them ready to play, this section is the place to be if you're ready for an upgrade or a replacement set. One set is all you need to fully re-string your axe - of course, you can go for multiple sets if you want to do some experimenting, too!

Every string maker has their claim to fame, and it's up to you which one you want to take up on what they have to offer. DR, for example, are quick to tell you about how their strings are handmade - which might be music to your ears, or maybe you just like them for the funky neon glow of the DR Strings NEON Hi-Def Green Bass SuperStrings Medium 6-String set. Ernie Ball is another example: their line of Slinky strings made them famous by hooking bassists up with super-flexible strings that make it a cinch to play tough technical passages. And then there's D'Addario, who are renowned for all their strings. Even Warwick has a line of 6-string sets, which goes a long way to show that they know as much about outfitting a fretboard as they do about building one.

No matter which strings stand out to you, they're the right choice as long as they're a good fit for your bass and your personal preferences. Since string choice is a subjective thing, only you can make the final call. Of course, you're encouraged to take a few sets out for a spin if you're on the fence with your decision. Try them with your own hands and ears, and there's no doubt that a clear winner will emerge - and then you can just stock up on lots of those strings going forward!
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