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The EMG Revelation passive Alnico II pickup set was created for guitarist, songwriter and producer Prashant Aswani. Aswani is known for his amazing style and tone and now has the perfect pickups to help him deliver every time. The Revelation set spent more than two years in development that included testing in both recording and live playing sessions. After several variations EMG had designed an undeniably brilliant pair of humbuckers that delivered the clarity and definition usually found only in active pickups. This matched set has precision wound custom bobbins and Alnico II magnets that create the perfect balance between neck and bridge positions. The Alnico II magnets have just enough "give" to deliver that classic sponginess passive players crave without the muddiness usually associated with old school PAF-types.
EMG Revelation Passive Alnico II Set Black

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  • Precision wound custom bobbins and Alnico II magnets
  • Passive pickup set
  • Classic "spongy" tone without being muddy
  • Created for Prashant Aswani

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