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The JR 'Daemonum' Signature Set from EMG is the result of a three-year collaboration with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, a longtime user of the EMG 81/60 set. After testing various prototypes, Root found inspiration in a set of modified Retro Active pickups to craft his ideal tone. The JR 'Daemonum' set provides everything Root loves about the 81/60 along with the added flexibility of the Retro Active design.

Ceramic Neck Pickup for Crisp, Clean Highs

Unlike classic open-coil pickups, the JR 'Daemonum' set uses stud poles for both the neck and bridge pickups. The neck pickup features ceramic studs that produce percussive, articulate highs with crystalline clarity.

Black Steel Bridge Pickup for Heavy Riffs

The bridge pickup utilizes black steel stud poles and a ceramic magnet comparable to the popular EMG 81. This combination outputs aggressive, overdriven tones perfect for churning out massive riffs and crunchy rhythms.

Custom Preamps Provide Tonal Versatility

Both the neck and bridge pickups in the JR 'Daemonum' set are equipped with custom Retro Active preamps designed exclusively for this signature model. These preamps give players greater control over their tone by allowing adjustment of the amount of midrange present. Roll the preamp knob clockwise for an open, airy sound with extra punch or counterclockwise for a neutral tone with a stronger fundamental focus.

Solderless Installation and Noise Reduction

The JR 'Daemonum' set features EMG's convenient solderless install system for quick and easy integration into most electric guitars. Retro Active technology also helps eliminate unwanted noise and buzz for a clear signal. Overall, the JR 'Daemonum' set from EMG and Jim Root provides high-output pickups with exceptional tonal versatility for aggressive styles of play.

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