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The EMG Frank Bello active X Series four string PJ pickup set is a staple of heavy metal bass giant Frank Bello's legendary tone. A long-time EMG family member, he was one of the first artists to switch to X series pickups for the added headroom they provide. EMG began to experiment with different PJ combinations for Bello and the result was a pairing of epic proportions, the FB Signature set. Loaded in a red housing, the PCSX paired with the LJAX give him the ultimate tonal spectrum with the aesthetic he's always wanted. The thundering chest-punch from the PCSX coupled with the articulate growl of the LJAX is a knockout combo. The added X preamp gives both modes more headroom and touch response, bridging the gap between passive and active pickups.
EMG Frank Bello Active X Series 4 String PJ Set Black

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  • Tap into heavy metal bass giant Frank Bello's legendary tone
  • Added headroom
  • PCSX and LJAX pickups
  • Included X preamp increases touch response

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