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The EMG 57TW/66TW is the Dual Mode version of the popular 57/66 set. The TW Set features selectable single and dual coil sounds using EMG’s proprietary three-coil design. The 57TW bridge pickup uses a combination of alnico and steel making it a true rocker in both single- and dual-coil positions. The single-coil selection is smooth and seamless. The high resonance of the pickup carries the tone with unequivocal clarity. The 66 model finger board pickup features its popular humbucker design while the single-coil selection gives the player brilliant fluidness. The 66 is a truly hybrid in design using both ceramic and alnico magnets. By utilizing both magnet types the tone from the single coil position is clear and powerful. NOTE: Standard EMG humbuckers are 0.9” thick. The 57/66TW thickness is 1.1" with a difference of 0.2".
EMG Dual Mode F-57TW/66TW Dual Pickup Set, Floyd Spaced Black

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