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Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks, available as a pack of 1 dozen picks in 1.35 mm gauge. For over 40 years, Dunlop's Tortex line has been the plectrum of choice for guitarists seeking unparalleled articulation and tone. The Tortex Sharp point provides enhanced definition and clarity, allowing intricate passages to speak with authority. Guitar players can choose from 15 gauges between .73 mm and 1.5 mm to suit any playing style. The color-coded sizing system makes it easy to find your perfect pick. Tortex picks are made of quality cellulose acetate that produces a bright tone with minimal wear. They maintain grip even when slick with sweat, and their beveled edges glide smoothly over guitar strings. Whether you're shredding metal riffs or strumming an acoustic ballad, Tortex Sharp picks empower your creativity.

Precise Point for Articulate Playing

The Sharp point of these 1.35 mm picks allows for articulate, well-defined playing. Each note rings through clearly as you pick, strum, or pluck with precision. The rigid material and pointed tip transmit the nuances of your technique directly to the strings. Complex passages become fluid and melodic lines sing. For guitarists seeking maximum control and clarity, Tortex Sharp is the only choice.

Color-Coded for Instant Selection

With 15 gauges from .73 mm to 1.5 mm, there is a Tortex pick for every guitarist and every musical genre. Dunlop's innovative color-coding system makes it easy to choose your perfect gauge at a glance. The 1.35 mm picks in this pack are black, indicating a thickness suited to articulate playing in genres like rock, jazz, and funk. Heavier picks produce more attack for genres like metal, while lighter gauges have flexibility for strumming an acoustic. Whatever your style, your sound awaits.

Durable and Grippy

Tortex picks are made of high-quality cellulose acetate that produces a bright tone and maintains integrity through hours of playing. Their textured, matte finish provides a secure grip even when hands get sweaty, allowing full control and confidence. Beveled edges glide smoothly across strings, minimizing catching that can disrupt your playing. Tortex picks are built to handle the demands of performance and practice while keeping guitarists focused on their craft.

Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .73 mm
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .73 mm
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .73 mm